• Gluten-free baked goods as well as cereals

Gluten-free start into the day.

For your healthy breakfast, we refer to our gluten-free breakfast products from Dr. Schär, the leading manufacturer of gluten-free food.

We offer the following products from the Dr. Schär Portfolio:

Gluten-Free Bread As a specialist in gluten-free bread, Dr. Schär the whole range of traditional bread and rolls.

Gluten-free SNACK's quality of life also means being able to afford the luxury of a small snack.

Gluten-free CEREALS To give energy for a long day, this is the task of the gluten-free cereals of Dr. Schär.

Gluten-Free CANDY & SWEET "Sweet is food for the soul". Gluten-free biscuits, waffles & sweet baking for small and large.