• Our Breakfast Buffet is a perfect start to everyday.

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food"

a quotation from Hippocrates

A healthy and varied breakfast is the ideal base for a day of vitality.

The two-thousand-year-old advice of the hippocrat in the headline of this page has not lost any of its actuality. This is also what modern nutritional science means: a balanced metabolism, e.g. The "LOGI-Kost" or "metabolic balance®" is the best and most gentle way to a healthy body.

Our rich breakfast buffet is something for everyone. We spoil you with golden yellow baked rolls, rye bread and fragrant pastries. Vegetables and fruits of the season, a selection of different muesli, teas, juices, jam, yoghurt, eggs, smoked salmon, sausage and cheese specialties complete the offer. Our breakfast can also be given as a voucher. So the morning becomes a real pleasure. Breakfast buffet: daily from 7am - 10am